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NFL Canada's Fan of the Year!!!!!

  We are beyond grateful to have been announced the NFL Canada's FAN OF THE YEAR!!! We are completely humbled by the nomination and feel extremely blessed to have been chosen by a panel of judges to be the FIRST PLACE prize winners, receiving a prize of $30,000!!!! Honestly, we are so happy to serve in our community that this was the last thing we ever expected or dreamed of. We are just happy to be active community members helping us all to grow together as a more inclusive place for all people. Since you're here - Here's how the story unfolds, as well as all the media links to the interviews. Waaaaaaaay back in February I got a message...

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YQG WDSD 2021!!

  World Down Syndrome Day - A day to celebrate the contributions made by those with Down syndrome that are in our lives, and communities. WDSD is on March 21st or - 3.21 - to signify the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome that people with Down syndrome have. Many of you celebrated in your homes this year by wearing your CHF socks (or any mismatched socks), took pics and shared on your social media. Some of you made donations to charities that are near and dear to your heart. I know CHF received many donations on 3.21 and we are so very grateful. We are always so humbled by community support. I shared as many photos via our IG...

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February “Off To College” Playgroup

A quiet, cozy, wintery night for our February Playgroup!  It was one of our smaller groups last night but still full of life and laughter. I literally LIVE for this night. We all get to relax, catch up, talk Down syndrome, and PLAY! It's music to my ears when the kids give their parents a hard time about leaving. YAY!!! We must be doing something right!  Love this twining look guys!!!  Hazel was giggling so much playing with Matthew. SWOON! These two were making me melt into a puddle... I love getting this opportunity to visit and see what families are up to. I don't take for granted that everyone is VERY busy, yet still chooses to spend time with...

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