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WDSD 2022 - Recap

WDSD 2022 was such a huge success! The internet finally flooded with positivity and joy. There were many things posted all over the internet so I grabbed a few pics and added them here. I am still trying to catch up on it all. What an incredible day to be a part of and witness. So many of you celebrated the individuals with Down Syndrome so so well. It was LOUD and PROUD!  Thank you so much to every single person that supported the WDSD mission of educating and advocating for inclusion across all platforms. It really is incredible to see what we can all do together and to witness the power of your voices and stories.    Here are...

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February “Off To College” Playgroup

A quiet, cozy, wintery night for our February Playgroup!  It was one of our smaller groups last night but still full of life and laughter. I literally LIVE for this night. We all get to relax, catch up, talk Down syndrome, and PLAY! It's music to my ears when the kids give their parents a hard time about leaving. YAY!!! We must be doing something right!  Love this twining look guys!!!  Hazel was giggling so much playing with Matthew. SWOON! These two were making me melt into a puddle... I love getting this opportunity to visit and see what families are up to. I don't take for granted that everyone is VERY busy, yet still chooses to spend time with...

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