Adaptive Athlete with All Level CrossFit

The All Levels Adaptive Athlete class is a place where everyone belongs. It models inclusion, acceptance, and partnership for people of ALL abilities. Using CrossFit we focus on promoting physical and mental fitness, as well as the integration of all our athletes. Our coaches make workouts fun, challenging, and scalable for every fitness level. Our goal is to highlight each athlete’s abilities, and how working as a team can be beneficial to achieving our own personal fitness goals.

Classes are run 2 times per week. For more information on how to join, fees, or just to come out and visit a class please contact us here.

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Let's Talk: Classroom Visit

As part of our mission to educate the community and share our experiences with Down syndrome, the Chasing Hazel Foundation, has in the past and is willing to visit any classroom (any grade level), college or university lectures, offices, or anywhere you feel our message would be beneficial in creating compassion and understanding about living with a disability.

Through sharing our own experiences as well as researched information (sources listed below), we will strive to be a resource to our community in any way we can, to help spread the message of each individuals worth. We want to open the conversation about that which makes us different, and recognize that that is an important element in helping us to understand and accept each other for who we are.

If you would like to schedule a visit please send us a message through our contact page here.


The Canadian Down Syndrome Society


Communication Group 

Option #1 - IN-PERSON Speech Therapy

The Chasing Hazel Foundation, with Evolve Speech Therapy, is offering one-to-one speech IN- PERSON therapy to anyone with Down syndrome ages 2 and up. This was originally designed to aid people with Down syndrome in areas of communication, social interaction, and speech/language development in a group setting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer the group format at this time. CHF would still like to provide speech services to families, so we have made the decision to offer individual, in person sessions for the time being.

Individual services consist of one virtual screening and treatment planning session (1/2 hour direct then report and goal writing to parents), then an eight-week block of individual sessions in person with a Speech Language Pathologist.

If you are interested in this option please fill out THIS FORM to get registered.

Option #2 - VIRTUAL Friendship Group 

This group is offered to aid teens and adults with Down syndrome in areas of communication, social interaction, and relationship building. Parents will be involved in the planning on an individual basis and given some tools and activities to practice in their daily routine.
**all these sessions are virtual through the Zoom platform.

Goals for communication
In addition to general social communication goals, in order to successfully communicate with the world around you, you need to be able to use your social language in all environments. During this group we are going to work on applying our social language to facilitate long lasting school and life skills.

If you would like to read more about the skills and goals targeted for this group please head to THIS FORM you can also register right on that form.

*Waiting list should be expected.


Play Group

We offer a playgroup session – “Off to College” Playgroup – to young families that have children with Down syndrome from ages 0-12. It’s a group where there is a focus on socialization for the children AND the parents. A place to form relationships while the children explore and learn in a child friendly environment, while being supervised and entertained by very capable student volunteers.

We provide snacks and small meals to facilitate the sense of community and sharing. The play groups include the child with Down syndrome as well as any siblings in hopes of making it an integrated and inclusive environment. Providing ample opportunity for peer modelling which is known to aid in the development of children with Down syndrome.

To join us at our next playgroup, join our Facebook page here, or contact us here.


Behaviour Therapy Services

CHF is in partnership with Virtual Behaviour Services Inc. to offer the Chasing Hazel Community the opportunity to work with their team of Behaviour Therapists! Here is the VBS link:

Option 1: In-Home ABA Consultations:
This includes 12 weeks of consultations in-home, 2 hours each week with a Behaviour Therapist. Their home-based therapy provides parents with behavioural consultations in the comfort of their own home. Therapists will work with parents to develop behavioural interventions on their highest priority goals. These goals may include (but are not limited to) functional communication, following directions, self-help skills, social skills, and decreasing unwanted behaviours

Option #2 - Virtual 1:1 Behaviour Consultations
This includes 6 Behaviour Consultations with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) Parents will discuss, collect data (with guidance) and implement suggested behaviour strategies on their highest priority goal with the support of a BCBA. These goals may include (but are not limited to) functional communication, following directions, self-help skills, social skills, and decreasing unwanted behaviours. Each virtual meeting will be 1 hour and will include discussion, development of strategies, and review of strategy implementation.

There is a co-pay available for each of these options. Please fill out THIS FORM and someone from VBS will be in touch with you to discuss your families needs and which option will work best.

How We Support Families

Children with Down syndrome can be born with various medical issues that require surgery or intervention of some kind. This is a huge emotional and financial burden on the families involved. We offer two options to assist families in need:

Financial Assistance

The Chasing Hazel Foundation provides financial support to families who need assistance with certain Down syndrome-related expenses. Funds are reimbursed. Please see the attached application for instructions and eligibility requirements. For more information or to apply please fill out this form.

Comfort Packages

We provide health related supportive services or products which may include providing extra comfort items to cope with hospitalization or a health condition associated with Down syndrome. It may also include reimbursement of extensive costs of travel. For more information or to apply for yourself or refer someone you know, please fill out this Google form.