February “Off To College” Playgroup

A quiet, cozy, wintery night for our February Playgroup! 

It was one of our smaller groups last night but still full of life and laughter. I literally LIVE for this night. We all get to relax, catch up, talk Down syndrome, and PLAY! It's music to my ears when the kids give their parents a hard time about leaving. YAY!!! We must be doing something right! 

Love this twining look guys!!! 

Hazel was giggling so much playing with Matthew. SWOON!

These two were making me melt into a puddle...

I love getting this opportunity to visit and see what families are up to. I don't take for granted that everyone is VERY busy, yet still chooses to spend time with us at the playgroup. It's kinda my favourite! 

Next group will likely be in May. Date to be determined. Can't wait!