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WDSD 2022 Prep!

WDSD is quickly approaching! We have seen the socks, and the cool tee shirts, the pictures of all the people with Down syndrome, and their amazing accomplishments. What we often forget about the ROCK YOUR SOCKS campaign is that we are supposed to EDUCATE our classes/families/friends/co-workers/employees/community members/teachers/bosses/grandmothers...EVERYONE about what living with Down syndrome is. Not only do we explain that WDSD is on the 21st Day of the 3rd month to represent the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome BUT also how people with that extra chromosome are often seen as less than or unworthy of the same opportunities as neurotypical people. Often, people with Down syndrome and their families have to fight for equitable opportunities in areas such as education, careers, sports, extra-curricular activities, and even...

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NFL Canada's Fan of the Year!!!!!

  We are beyond grateful to have been announced the NFL Canada's FAN OF THE YEAR!!! We are completely humbled by the nomination and feel extremely blessed to have been chosen by a panel of judges to be the FIRST PLACE prize winners, receiving a prize of $30,000!!!! Honestly, we are so happy to serve in our community that this was the last thing we ever expected or dreamed of. We are just happy to be active community members helping us all to grow together as a more inclusive place for all people. Since you're here - Here's how the story unfolds, as well as all the media links to the interviews. Waaaaaaaay back in February I got a message...

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Supporting Families

Part of why we started CHF was to be able to support families who may sometimes feel isolated, or who may experience financial hardship due to medical issues that can not be handled locally in Windsor. Some families find themselves on endless drives on the highway going back and forth from Windsor to London, and sometimes Windsor to Toronto. These times can feel desperate, lonely, and scary. These times force people into living a life with no consistency, no routine. It can even force them to take time off work and keep them away from their other family members.   We know, we've been there. When I was pregnant with Hazel, we left the house at 4am with some complications. We...

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