They say, "The show must go on" - well - THE SHOW WENT ON!

We had originally intended to have an event at All Level CrossFit and celebrate WDSD with our fitness community, but the universe had other plans. All Level is the gym where our Adaptive Athletes participate in a fully inclusionary setting twice a week. Please email me for more information or if you want to some and check out one of the Adaptive Athlete Sessions! 

John, the owner of the gym, wanted to do something special to honour WDSD and all of our athletes with Down syndrome on WDSD. He created a custom workout where all the numbers are significant to Down syndrome.


Here is the significance of the numbers: 8 is Hazel's age; 3 is the extra copy of the chromosome; 21 is the location of the extra chromosome; 47 is the amount of chromosomes a person with Down syndrome has (the rest of us have 46). AND everyone joined rocking their socks!!!

It was such a cool way to celebrate WDSD 2020! We can definitely say that was a first! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in the class. Those of you who joined us virtually on Facebook for Instagram LIVE. To John for adapting and organizing this event in a new platform so quickly. 

We didn't take a lot of pics on the day of but searching my camera roll and I found this. The girls must have decided it was selfie time. They had so much fun doing the workout with us from home! 


WDSD 2020 WOD was EPIC!