Adaptive Athlete Class

We have been a part of an Adaptive Athlete program at All Level CrossFit for a year and a half now. It runs Tuesday at 4pm and Saturday’s at 12pm. Please email me or John at All Level if you would like to give it a try! These sessions are for ages 15 and up. Kids CrossFit is also available (times vary) starting at age 6. 

After piloting the program in the summer of 2018, I personally became a participant just over a year ago when I realized that I need to step up my fitness game. The program encourages everyone and anyone, of all abilities and fitness levels, to come out and have some fun in a team environment, while working up a sweat and getting that heart rate up. This fully inclusive program is modified to each athletes level so no matter who you are, you will fit in and be able to participate.

Over the last year I have seen relationships cultivated, conversations shared, encouragement and support given, and skills mastered. I have seen all our adaptive athletes grow to feel comfortable and confident in the gym. It has been such an amazing thing to witness. 

This is Adam. He’s my partner every Tuesday. He’s fast, strong, and never quits. Doing synchronized burpees with him last class nearly killed me. He pushes me to work hard each time. He’s never intimidated by trying new movements. Also, he grabs my equipment for me, he makes sure I have a space to work, he advocates for me. His abilities shine in the box and he makes everyone smile (except for me when we are doing burpees HA!).