WDSD 2020 Classroom Visits

About a week before WDSD, I was super lucky to be able to visit 3 kindergarten classes and a WE leadership program at a local elementary school. Since then things have changed drastically. So much so that we are now in self isolation in order to protect ourselves from a nasty virus going around right now. Which makes these few visits super special to me now. 

One of my all time favourite things to do is be in the classroom (probably why I am a teacher LOL). Being a teacher is amazing but there is something very different about coming in and talking to young kids about really grown up stuff. 

The Kindergarden kids were amazing as I sat and used big words like, Down syndrome, chromosomes, inclusion, kindness, and more. What's so important to note is, these kids are ready to hear these words. They want an explanation. They have questions about their classmates. Not every single child, but there are some who do. Even at this age, they notice differences, they HAVE QUESTIONS. I love to talk about differences with them. I love to hear their perspective and ideas. 

I also got an opportunity to speak with a Leadership group that had plans on creating their own presentation about Down syndrome, WDSD, and Inclusion. I am certain they will not get this opportunity now, but at least they have the framework for it should the opportunity ever arise. I absolutely LOVED this idea of sitting with them to prep them for doing their own presentation. I always think that students receive any message better when it comes from their peers. 

I have done this type of thing in the past and it's one of my favourite things to do. If there are ever any other schools out there that are running a leadership program, I would love to come in and meet with your group. I can try to help them come up with facts, talking points, a mothers perspective...whatever else they might find helpful.  

We did one of the activities from the Resources page here on the site. I will link that page here. This is, "Demonstrating Fine Motor Challenges."

Please don't hesitate to email me if you think this would be a good fit for your group. I would love to set something up!!