3.21 Chevron Tee - Natural Adult
3.21 Chevron Tee - Natural Adult
3.21 Chevron Tee - Natural Adult

3.21 Chevron Tee - Natural Adult

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Why 3.21?

21st day of the 3rd month to honour the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome which leads to Down syndrome.

Finally a tee design for World Down Syndrome Day!! On March 21, every year we celebrate the cool accomplishments of people with Down syndrome. We take the day to acknowledge the contributions people with DS make in the world; in their communities, in their families, at their school, their jobs, and sports teams.

Why the chevrons?

3 arrows symbolize Down syndrome.

The number 3 represents 3 copies of the 21st chromosome that leads to Down syndrome. For arrows (us) to reach the farthest distance (potential), they (we) must be stretched back into an uncomfortable position before being released. With the idea, we are propelled forward into a life of beauty we were not expecting after receiving an uncomfortable diagnosis.

3 Chevrons has now become a symbol worn proudly by people who love someone with Down syndrome. It isn't always parents; but teachers, community members, coaches, friends, employers, etc.

The symbol brings us together as a community of people that are advocating for equity, fighting for inclusion, challenging unjust systems, and creating opportunities for people with Down syndrome.

This is a UNISEX Bella & Canvas lightweight heather tee. It fits a little generous for a unisex tee, but still it is fitted. I am normally a medium but I can get away with a small or medium in this style depending on the fit I'm looking for.