Welcome to Our New Look!

Hey guys! Lots of exciting things going on at CHF. We have much to share. First and foremost you can see we have a fancy new website. We're quite excited and we feel that you will love it too. Our focus is to streamline the content to make everything easier, like buy merchandise, donate and find our contact info. You'll also notice we now have one "news" area where we will share all the events and goings-on here at Chasing Hazel, so please check back often.

You may have also noticed we have a brand-spankin' new brand identity and logo. As we grow we need a brand that will be more flexible and something that represents us through this growth. The first thing you'll see is we've dropped the "The" so it's just Chasing Hazel Foundation instead of The Chasing Hazel Foundation. One, because it's shorter and cleaner, and two, it allowed us to play with the acronym 'CH' which we'll explain. We wanted to develop an icon that you'll recognize right away and was easy to apply on multiple mediums. As mentioned before, the shape resembles a 'C' and an 'H' for Chasing Hazel, it's also three chromosomes to convey 'trisomy' and loosely resembles socks because we love them so much!  There are also a couple other brand elements you'll see used in conjunction with everything. Keep a look out as we expand on our brand and launch many new, exciting items.

 Chasing Hazel Branding