2020 Sock Design Process

2020 Sock Design! 

Once again this year, for those that might be new here, Elizabeth an extremely talented designer who has so generously donated her time and energy to bringing us the most perfect sock design to wear on World Down Syndrome Day. Her design page is Mottoform​ - click to see how pretty! 

WDSD - Why MARCH 21st? 

This day occurs on the 21st day of the 3rd month because we celebrate the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome which is what leads to Down syndrome. WDSD exists to celebrate individuals with Down syndrome by choosing activities that show support and awareness to those individuals. Rocking Socks has become and easy, attainable and VERY visual way to demonstrate this support around the globe. This movement is seeking to share what it IS to have Down syndrome - something to be celebrated. It’s a day of advocating for the inclusion, respect and understanding that individuals with Down syndrome have a great deal to offer their communities. To read more visit World Down Syndrome Day 

Thus the idea for creating socks was born! 

The sock process has been very eye-opening for me personally, as I could never have imagined just how much work goes into making sure the design is perfect and then produced exactly the way we envision it. Just to give you an idea of what is happening behind the scenes. The process starts in mid-summer, and I do not get socks in my hands until February. It involves many emails, meetings, phone calls...etc. before the final product is ready for you!

Let me give you a bit of background on how Elizabeth and I met. We met shortly after a mutual friend told us we both had just recently had children. Her, a son named Aksel. Me, a daughter, Hazel. Both born with Down syndrome. Our first meeting was when the babies were around 7 months old. SWOON! Over the last seven years our friendship has grown, along with our families. We both have two other daughters with very similar personalities. Send help! HA!

When I approached Elizabeth about the sock design process (fully admitting I couldn’t afford her), she so graciously agreed to design for this project. It takes countless hours to design socks. From start to finish it’s about 9 months. She brought us a super fun design last year!

We sold all 1500 pairs!!!! Putting $15,000 into the CHF!!!

I am so grateful to her for her mind, her talented eye, her attention to detail, and her time. The most valued of all commodities. THIS YEAR she had a co-contributor. 

This is Aksel, Elizabeth’s 7 year old son.

He is responsible for the design inspiration for this years #chfwdsd2020 socks. He was the co-contributor in the design process. How cool is that?!

He had done an art project for school and Elizabeth had the idea to use it to design. This is a picture of him just as she was explaining that this was the final product sock, AND that HIS ARTWORK was used to create it!!! Look at his smile! He's so proud. How many opportunities do kids get to do something like this? To actually see that their creativity, and work can become something concrete? It's incredible!

In his lap is the art project along with the socks. Elizabeth just copied the design and extended it into a pattern. So clever!!!! I’m so hoping a designer was born through this project. Giving opportunities like this means everything! Thank you to Aksel for your super cool design this year. The socks are amazing with your talent!!!

Socks are available in the shop. I am happy to ship them, If you are a US Resident please order soon so I can get them out to you for #WDSD - Let’s show this little man how much we love these socks and put money into a charity that supports people with Down syndrome in Windsor/Essex. Click here to see exactly what the purchase of socks is supporting.

Thank you so kindly to everyone who has purchased them so far!