Mission Statement

The Chasing Hazel Foundation  strives to educate and raise awareness about how important individuals with Down syndrome are to our community. We advocate for inclusion on all levels and compassion as a means to strengthen our community as a whole. We have a vision for the future to be a more accepting place where potential is highlighted, differences are celebrated and the uniqueness of each individual person is respected and appreciated.

"Off to College" Playgroup

We offer a playgroup session - “Off to College” Playgroup -  to young families that have children with Down syndrome from ages 0-12. It’s a group where there is a focus on socialization for the children AND the parents. A place to form relationships while the children explore and learn in a child friendly environment.

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CHF Care Package

Children with Down syndrome can be born with various medical issues that require surgery or intervention of some kind. This is a huge emotional and financial burden on the families involved. This typically takes them out of town for treatment or monitoring.

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World Down Syndrome Day

Rock Your Socks!!! March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. A day we celebrate all that people with Down syndrome have to offer our communities and families. On this day we invite the community to come together and advocate, educate and spread the word about what Down syndrome actually IS by providing information that dispels myths and stereotypes and highlights the achievements of individuals with Down syndrome.