The Chasing Hazel Foundation Communication Group

Below is the information about the brand new resource The Chasing Hazel Foundation & participating Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) are introducing to aid children with Down syndrome in areas of communication, social interaction, and speech/language development. Parents will be involved in the planning on an individual basis and given some tools and activities to practice in their daily routine.

Details below:
6 weeks of group sessions – 1 per week – 1 hour group
Times: TBA
Dates: TBA
Present at each session:
  • 4 children, ages will vary depending on the session requirements, and their parent(s)
  • 2 Speech and Language Pathologists
Each session offers:
  • Structured activities and exercises that encourage and promote communication with each other under the direct guidance and instruction of an SLP
  • Opportunity to break off into smaller groups if necessary for your child on an individual basis
  • We will take PRE and POST group measurements with information gathered from parents using surveys of parents perception to determine each child’s progress
  • Easy homework each week for parents to carry out in their environment.
Info Gathering:

The SLPs will be doing the intake information over a 30 min phone interview PRIOR to the first session, with each of the parents participating in the group therapy session. This will be the time they collect entry level data on your child, as well as give you an opportunity to speak to them about questions, concerns, or goals you may have in mind for your child.

Please contact Stephanie Seguin at to have an application for your child/person with Down syndrome sent to you.

*Waiting list should be expected.