CHF Retreat - Heather Chauvin & Lunch ONLY
CHF Retreat - Heather Chauvin & Lunch ONLY

CHF Retreat - Heather Chauvin & Lunch ONLY

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If you missed the cut for the full day retreat - GOOD NEWS!! You will still be able to attend the lunch portion of the event, as well as participate in Heather Chauvin's mindfulness and growth session. Please make sure your full name and email is entered at checkout.

When: August 20th 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Where: 101 Mill Street West, Kingsville, Ontario
N9Y 1W4

***Lunch will be ordered from Green Heart***

About Heather Chauvin:

Heather Chauvin is a leadership coach who helps ‘successful’ women courageously and authentically live, work, and parent on their own terms. Heather started her career as a social worker helping adults understand children’s behaviour. But it wasn’t until 2013 when a stage 4 cancer diagnosis pushed her to take a deeper stand for change, uncovering how cultural expectations sabotage our dreams. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Real Simple Magazine, Mind Body Green, Google, and more.

When Heather isn’t working, you will find her living out what she teaches which may include kayaking Alaska, snowboarding, hiking, or anything else that challenges what she believes is possible for herself (and inviting her children along the journey). Life is full of opportunities. It’s time to feel alive.