World Down Syndrome Day

Rock Your Socks!!! March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day. The 21st day of the 3rd month honours the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosomes which leads to Down syndrome.

WDSD is a day we celebrate all that people with Down syndrome have to offer their communities and families. On this day we invite the community to come together and advocate, educate, and spread the word about what Down syndrome actually IS by providing relevant information that dispels myths and stereotypes and highlights the achievements of individuals with Down syndrome.

We focus on INCLUSION and building a mutual understanding that DIFFERENCE is just that – different. An easy way to demonstrate our support is to wear funky, mismatched, crazy socks. On this day we make a commitment to move towards acceptance, inclusion and ultimately, increasing the quality of life for EVERYONE by increasing the compassion and understanding of ALL people with whom we share a community.

WDSD Educational Package

This is why we have devoted a great deal of time to creating a user friendly educational package to distribute to those who would like more information and shareable resources about Down syndrome. TCHF World Down Syndrome Day information package includes:

1. World Down Syndrome Day definition
2. 12 facts/announcements about DS
3. 10 video links
4. 2 Hands on Activities
5. 7 images with facts about DS
6. Flyer for WDSD 2018 for reproduction
7. Images with Hazel and Nola with info about WDSD, and messages that promote kindness (feel free to print them and hang them up EVERYWHERE!)

To have an information package emailed to you, please contact Stephanie Seguin, For more information on World Down Syndrome Day, click here.

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society also offers an educators package. Please click here to view.